About Us

I have put together this site about an assortment of anxiety-related areas as a resource for people looking for some relief as well as some education on the topics that central to their lives.

Here I will be discussing and providing research, tips, and advice on GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, anxiety chest pains, night sweats, social anxiety, shotness of breath and much more.

I have experienced a ton of anxiety in my life.  My issue has always been feeling really stressed out.  The more stressed out I got, the less in control of my life I’ve felt.  After a prolonged period of stress I started having full-blown panic attacks.

After a few years of panic attacks which had eventually led to the loss of two jobs, loss of a major relationship, and a constant feeling of frustration. At some point when I felt like I had reached the edge, I decided to start fighting back.

I began first by seeing the usual suspects… my doctor (medication), then a psychiatrist (more drugs), then a psychotherapist (much more worthwhile, but pricey).  I started to see some progress with the psychotherapist. Well, to be fair, I saw progress with the psychiatrist via the meds, but meds are just kind of a bandaid, aren’t they?  They don’t actually deal with the problem, they just hide the symptoms.

After I decided I couldnt afford the pyschotherapist anymore, I decided to see what sort of progress I could make on my own.  I started at Barnes and Nobles, and began reading the books there.  I learned about some amazing physiology behind the panic attack and anxiety process.  I’m kind of a geek and that stuff interested me, but learning WHAT was happening during my panic attacks wasn’t really helping me.

Eventually I got out of the dry clinical stuff, and moved started looking at the books written by therapists. I picked up a few techniques and ideas that really started to help me feel better.  By this time I had reduced the frequency of my panic attacks to less than 1 a week and the attacks themselves were shortening.  Still, even a short panic attack once a week is way too much!!

What helped me the absolute most though was picking up some books by other folks who had previous had panic attacks and eventually beat them.  I got some great advice, but also some frustration, as many of them attributed most of their success to a therapist… Ugh, I’m past that idea!

Finally I found a few books and videos that are designed to actually help people with anxiety and panic issues.  I researched for at least 2 weeks trying to pick between a handful, and eventually forked over my hard-earned cash (less than $100, but that was plenty to me!).

That seems like a long time ago now.  I am so thankful that I had the courage to tackle this thing.  I am ecstatic to say that I am finally panic and anxiety free.  I kept a blog about my experience for a while but I kept getting spammy comments and not as much community participation as I wanted (I get that from forums now adays).

I decided the blog format wasn’t what people were looking for, so a more informational site is what I decided to go with.  This is the result of that!  Anxiety details is meant to be a resource for you.  Feel free to click around, learn about all the panic and anxiety details you care to.  I even throw in some advice I learned from pay-for products to help reduce your anxiety.  It may not be the total solution for you (although I’ve peppered in some links to point you in the right direction), but if you use some of the techniques you may surprise yourself with how much better you feel.