Anxiety Night Sweats

Anxiety night sweats occur as a result of high levels of intensity being maintained in your life. Both men and women are prone to experience this unpleasant effect, although it occurs more frequently for women.

Night sweats are experienced as an intense sweating in the middle of the night for no obvious reason. Your room may be cool, and temperate and otherwise comfortable, but you will wake up feeling hot and uncomfortable. Your sheets and any nighttime clothing worn will be covered in sweat.

Night sweats can be particularly problematic for a woman during menstruation and menopause. These conditions cause emotional and hormonal fluctuations in women and trigger an increase in the intensity of anxiety night sweats.

For both men and women, hot flashes and night sweats are closely related symptoms. Typically if you experience hot flashes due to anxiety, you will also experience anxiety night sweats. Night sweats are caused by too much worry and anxiety as well as fear.

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Anxiety night sweats are disturbing not only to your sleep, but your entire life because not getting adequate sleep can causes reduced function in other areas of life. It is hard to perform well at school or work if you are not getting the sleep you need at home.

A common ‘folk remedy’ for treating anxiety night sweats is a cold shower before bedtime. Unfortunately this does not prevent your anxiety night sweats from occurring because the symptom is triggered as a result of your emotional state and thought patterns. The advice is actually best taken as a warm bath before bed. The idea is to move your mind to as calm a state as possible, which will prevent the night sweats. Cool or cold showers are typically only beneficial if you are overheated.

If you do experience anxiety night sweats, hopping in a cool shower will help to bring your body’s temperature back down, stop the sweating, and may bring your emotional level back to a baseline. Most people when overheated experience a corresponding emotional discomfort.

Night sweats include a surge of adrenaline as part of their process, so jumping in a cold shower in the middle of the night, while it may seem even more disruptive to sleep, is actually one of the quickest ways to get back to sleep. The adrenaline has already taken care of waking you up, the key now is to become cool and calm again.

Anxiety night sweats are uncomfortable and not something that anyone wants to continue experiencing. It makes your face hot and the body sticky with sweat. It also disturbs your natural pattern of sleep and if you live with anyone, it will also affect your partner’s sleep patterns. This can put additional strain on any relationship, even if your partner is very understanding and accommodating of the issue.

Because an underlying emotional process triggers the anxiety night sweats, the room you sleep in does not have to be particularly warm to result in night sweats. It is a combination of changes in the body and most importantly, your thought process.

The thought process is the main component of the cycle, which results in night sweats. To stop the night sweats for recurring over and over, you must break the cycle of worry. When people worry, they must be thinking of the past, or the future. If you are thinking about the present, then you cannot be worrying about anything. The thinking that you do as you go to bed sets the ‘tone’ for how you will be thinking as you drift off to sleep.

If you have calm and relaxed thoughts, you will have a calm and relaxed night free of anxiety night sweats. If you go to be feeling anxious, worrying about the things you could have done differently during the day, or worrying about how you will handle something in the near future, you greatly increase your chances of waking up with night sweats.

There are things you have done in the past that have led to night sweats. There are things you are doing now to maintain the night sweats recurring, without even meaning to. There are things you can do a little bit differently in the future if you want the night sweats to stop.

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