Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder is condition wherein you worry so much that it affects every other aspect of your life. With this disorder, you are caused to worry more than it is necessary even about issues that may never happen. You create unnecessary tension, fears, and anxiety that could be avoided with the proper techniques. Finally, this anxiety will take a toll on you physically. Your body will ache, you may suffer insomnia as your mind races at night, and as a result you will feel exhausted all the time.

However, there is good news because there are a variety of generalized anxiety disorder treatment methods that can help to make your life better. Some of these methods are executed in therapy as well as potent strategies of self-help.

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GAD is excessive worry and fear that becomes unrelenting and produces high levels of anxiety that makes a normal life seem abnormal. Left unchecked, relaxation becomes impossible and the sufferer lives life in anticipation and does not know when the next attack will take place.

Some of things that anxiety sufferers worry about are issues with their health, money, family and problems at work. This is a normal occurrence for a lot of other people, but anxiety sufferers experience the worries and fears in a way that dominates their lives and dictates their behaviors.

Another method that can be used to treat GAD is learning how to quiet your nerves. Many people with generalized anxiety disorder don’t know how to calm and soothe themselves. But it’s a simple, easy technique to learn, and it can make a drastic difference in your anxiety symptoms.

One of the best DIY methods of generalized anxiety disorder treatment is soothing your inner self by using one or more of your senses such as seeing, tasting, smelling, touch and hearing. Focusing on your senses brings you back to the concrete and saf reality and has a calming effect, rather than focusing on an imaginary reality which seems unsafe. Here are some examples of initiating the senses:

  • Seeing– Go for a walk in a beautiful park take time to really take in the view. Looking at memorable family pictures and really noticing all the physical characteristics of your loved ones is another way for practiced vision.
  • Touching –Lovingly caress any pets in your home. Focus on the textures, thickness, coarseness etc of your pet’s plumage or hair. A nice hot bubble bath that is warm and relaxing or sitting on the porch and noticing all the sensations of the cool evening breeze brushing over your skin get your senses ignited.
  • Hearing– Soft music can have a powerful calming effect on your nerves. The sounds of a bird chirping, the sound of waves gently breaking on the side of a beach or the sound of the wind through the trees are all simple generalized anxiety disorder treatment methods
  • Smelling– If you love candles that are scented, you can use these in your home. A wide variety of scented candles are available, including even the smell of baked pies or cookies! These familiar smells trigger feelings of being safe at home as a child. The smell of a flower garden, the freshly baked bread in a bakery or the smell of your ideal perfume are all excellent scents to reconnect you with your senses and bring yourself to a calm state of mind.
  • Tasting –A quick meal cooked to perfection or eating one of your favorite treats and enjoying a hot cup of chocolate or tea can spice up your taste buds. Any savory or rich foods that have distinct and pleasant flavors can give you an easy route back into body’s senses, and quickly bring you back to calm.

A relaxing massage is an excellent method of generalized anxiety disorder treatment. A licensed massage therapist will use their skills to take away the stress and worry that life sometimes throws our way. The massage therapist is trained to know the specific areas of the body that need to be massaged, and has specific techniques for stimulating your muscles to automatically release stress. Regular massage can help establish a calm baseline in your life. The downside to this is that massage therapy is an ongoing cost that you will need to pay regularly to maintain the benefits of.

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