Natural Anxiety Cures

Anxiety is a problem that a lot of people face and not knowing what to do can be one of the worst feelings of helplessness. Normal anxiety happens at various times in someone’s life, but anxiety attacks can take place suddenly without notice. It brings on shortness of breath, chest pains and other symptoms.

Natural anxiety cures are instrumental in helping people who suffer from anxiety attacks. Most natural anxiety cures benefit by not containing man-made chemicals and the associated negative effects. Of course, not all natural cures are made equal. Some will be very beneficial, some will handle just a small part of anxiety, and some can completely free you of anxiety.

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Massage therapy is naturally able to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress and allow for better sleeping patterns (many people suffering from anxiety also have difficulty getting to sleep on time, or sleeping through the night). Mind and body breathing exercises are also helpful in reducing anxiety attacks. Other natural anxiety cures available are physical exercise, hypnosis or self-hypnosis, hatha yoga, and meditation. Trying any of these methods will help you to determine which ones are right for you. Some methods will benefit you and require you to fit it into your daily routine and make part of your life, but the rewards reaped can justify the extra work.

Valerian is an herbal remedy specifically used for insomnia. However, it is also used for sufferers of mild anxiety issues. This natural remedy comes both in encapsulated form as well as liquid. Some people don’t like the smell of Valerian root, so they prefer to take the capsules instead of the liquid form. Valerian herbal remedy should be administered about an hour before bedtime. Be sure to follow all the manufacturer’s suggestions if you decide to try this remedy.

An amino acid known as GABA is said to have a dominant role in anxiety physiology. GABA is manufactured as a supplement in pill form and can be taken daily with food.

Aromatherapy is another method of relaxation and natural treatment for anxiety attacks. Aromatherapy is done by using essential oils which the sufferer can add to their bath. Some of these essential oils are neroli, rose, jasmine, cypress and lavender. Aromatherapy tends to be quite pleasant, no matter what the level of anxiety reduction you benefit from.

Chamomile is one of the most popular natural anxiety cures. It is distributed as a tea packet, which can be consumed daily. Most grocery stores in the US will carry chamomile tea, and health food stores may offer this tea in bulk.

Other forms of natural cures are Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and pantothenic acid. Of course, most people are not aware that a change in your diet can greatly increase the risk of anxiety attacks. A dietician or nutritionist will be able to provide a nutritional guide on what to eat to reduce anxiety problems. Typically, if vitamin supplementation has a positive effect in reducing your anxiety, that means that you had some level of vitamin deficiency previously which was contributing your anxiety and worry.

There are certain things to avoid such as alcohol, caffeine, worry, stress, and incorrect breathing. These are natural things that you same sufferers come to realize without benefitting from reading about, but that is not always the case.

Green tea extract, chamomile and Passionflower herb can help to calm the nerves considerably. These are not addictive and usually begin to work within thirty minutes of consumption, although passionflower herb can be toxic if the dosage is not handled properly.

Taking time away from the stress of life and surrounding yourself with positive people as well as in an environment that is peaceful, can cause your anxiety to be totally eradicated naturally. Obviously this sort of a lifestyle change is desirable but is not always a change that is easily made and applicable to all situations.

Practiced centering and calming breathing is one of the most effective natural anxiety cures there is, as your breathing is the first thing affected at the onset of an anxiety attack. This is one of the simplest ways to become relaxed naturally. Take three minutes out of your busy schedule to sit upright and practice inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply.

Try it now and get some quick benefit by placing your hand on your chest. First, just let the natural rhythm of your breathing move your hand up and down. Now begin to slow your breathing down a little bit more with each breath. Notice the sensation of the weight of your hand on your chest. Notice the feeling of the fabric underneath your fingertips. Bring your attention to the sensation of the air flowing in and out of your body. As you continue to breathe deeper, let your shoulders really relax, and let your eyes begin to naturally close down. Continue breathing calmly and deeply, and notice how each and every breath brings you a bit more relaxation.

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