Panic Disorder Cure

Panic attacks can cause your life to become greatly disorganized and out of control. For example, if you experience fear and discomfort in social situations you may stay locked up in your home and not want to venture out to avoid embarrassment or frustration. This creates an immobilization that is not productive and hinders you enjoyment of the fulfilled life you deserve.

Panic disorder ranges from moderate to very severe. You may experience severe attacks or you may be at a stage where the attacks are somewhat manageable right now. Perhaps your panic attacks have not yet progressed to the point of keeping you from doing the things youÕd like to be doing.

There is a panic disorder cure and treatments that can help you to alleviate some of your symptoms or outright remove the panic forever. You COULD engage in group therapy to face your issues and the situation head on. Not very pleasant!

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Does this sound familiar to you? High levels of adrenaline, tiredness, insomnia, unnecessary fears, shortness of breath and chest pains are all symptoms of panic attacks. However, a panic disorder cure (more or less) may be provided by a trusted physician. A doctor will typically prescribe antidepressants to you to help you cope with the daily activities of life, and insist you make regular exercise a part of your life. Unfortunately antidepressants simply end up being a ‘mask’ for the panic, rather than removing it.

Many people report feeling like their personality has changed when they take antidepressants! They don’t feel like themselves.

Some prescribed pharmaceutical drugs can become addictive and create new sets of problems for the patient. If you reduce the number of stressful situations you encounter, you will reduce panic disorder symptoms. This is not a panic disorder cure, however, as those situations that you experience as stressful might almost be exactly the situations you WANT to be in and wish weren’t stressful! Usually added stress will bring on a panic attack episode and make the situation even much worse than it could have been before.

The key is to remove the panic response, rather than the situation.

The sufferer of panic attacks need to first identify the trigger points of the attack; which means recognizing the things that brings on the attack. Once these things are known, the patient is better able to handle or prevent the situation from happening or avoiding it entirely.

There are many natural remedies and panic disorder cure that can soothe the attacks or get rid of them entirely. Some of these remedies include psychotherapy and behavioral changes. Psychotherapy is administered by a state-licensed therapist who will use different methods to help you; being involved in group discussions with other panic attack sufferers is one methodology that is used. The therapist will have a variety of techniques and skills to help you overcome your panic.

A therapist can assist the patient with facing fears and worries; dealing with them and viewing them from a different perspective.

Therapist or no, discovering your behaviors that trigger your panic attacks can enable you to change your behaviors and reduce the chances of an attack.

Chamomile tea is a pleasant panic disorder cure that calms the nerves and help you prevent or reverse an attack. Of course, if you are at work or school getting ready to speak to someone and you feel a panic attack coming on, brewing chamomile tea is not a practical option. You need something quick, immediate, and effective.

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